Where’s Amy recalls time with “The Music Man”

  • ND-0509-Music Man1
    Steve Kruze (Professor Harold Hill) and Mikayla Reed Koharchik (Marian Paroo). (Photos by Amy Pauszek)
  • ND-0509-Music Man2
    Third grader Jack Clark (Winthrop).
  • ND-0509-Music Man3
    Robyn J. Ault (Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn) and Tom Beeler (Mayor Shinn).
  • ND-0509-Music Man4
    Darrin Gowan, Eric Turpen, John Hall and David Brock make the perfect Quartet.
  • ND-0509-Music Man5
    Fifth grader Ali Boice (Amaryllis) with real life sister Katherine Boice (Childen’s Ensemble).
  • ND-0509-Music Man6
    Civic Prop Mistress Janet Sutton with actress Robina Zink.
  • ND-0509-Music Man7
    Steve Oldenettel (Carmel), Ramona Odenettel (Fishers), Doreen Oldenettel (Carmel) and Craig Oldenettel (Carmel) enjoyed the show.
  • ND-0509-Music Man8
    Mangala Hasanadka (Zionsville) with daughter Anjali Gupta (Zionsville).

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