Chaucie’s Place fundraiser with Matt Sandusky

  • AA-COM-0509-Chaucies Breakfast1
    Chaucie’s Place staffmembers Konnor Speicher, Michele Wiseley, Michelle Mates, Jennifer Thompson, Dr. Jack Powell, Melissa Peregrin and Brady Powers. (Photos by Amy Pauzek)
  • AA-COM-0509-Chaucies Breakfast2
    Board Member Richard Taylor, Guest Speaker Matt Sandusky and Executive Director Dr. Jack Powell.
  • AA-COM-0509-Chaucies Breakfast3
    Carey Wong (Geist), Board member Melissa Lorson (Carmel) and Betsy Cox (Geist).
  • AA-COM-0509-Chaucies Breakfast4
    Lexxa Ferrer (Noblesville), Fione O’Connor (Carmel), Angela Acrey (Carmel), Janet White (Fishers) and Beth Keek (Noblesville).
  • AA-COM-0509-Chaucies Breakfast5
    Grace Snyder (Carmel), Sam Carrillo (Carmel), Charlotte Pedraza (Geist) and Michelle Eads (Zionsville).
  • AA-COM-0509-Chaucies Breakfast6
    Executive Director of Actors Theatre of Indiana Jim Reilly (Carmel) with Steve Priddy (Carmel).
  • AA-COM-0509-Chaucies Breakfast7
    Chaucie’s Place volunteers Jennifer Shucker and Bob Wesseler.
  • AA-COM-0509-Chaucies Breakfast8
    Board member Jon Shapiro, Guest speaker Matt Sandusky and Paul Ayers.
  • AA-COM-0509-Chaucies Breakfast9
    David Gudal (Fishers), Rod Willett (Fishers), Derick Sogocio (Fishers) and David Scarlock (Fishers).

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