Where’s Amy sees ‘Lakota Girls’

  • ND-0404- WA Lakota Girls1
    “Lakota Girls” writer, director and producer Molli Cameron (Westfield).
  • ND-0404- WA Lakota Girls2
    Michael and MaryEllen Bishop (Carmel) with “Lakota Girls” producer Russell Cameron (Westfield) on the red carpet. (Photos by Amy Pauszek for Current Publishing LLC. Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.)
  • ND-0404- WA Lakota Girls3
    Westfield pals Jack Huisden, Cadan Alexander, Clara Cameron and Maddie Hay had fun posing for Where’s Amy on the red carpet.
  • ND-0404- WA Lakota Girls4
    Cavan Cameron with Westfield teachers Yvette Coverdale, Audra Hamilton, Megan Weir, actress Clara Cameron and Jason Linebacker came out to support the “Lakota Girls” Indiana premiere.
  • ND-0404- WA Lakota Girls5
    Event photographer Linda Evens (Indianapolis) with daughter and “Lakota Girls” acting coach Edan Evans (Carmel) attended the red carpet event.
  • ND-0404- WA Lakota Girls6
    Chris Petrelli (Indianapolis), Molli Cameron (Westfield), Demetrius Witherspoon (Carmel) and Katie Harvey (Indianapolis) grab a quick pose minutes before the movie.
  • ND-0404- WA Lakota Girls7
    “Lakota Girls” writer, director and producer Molli Cameron takes questions from the crowd at the Q & A after the film at Landmark Keystone Art Cinema.

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